Humanitarian action "Children for children" - an example of integrating work in the teaching process and developing youth who changes society for the better

At University of Split’s Faculty of Economics, as part of prof. Smiljane Pivčević Ph.D.’s course Managing Manifestations, students have the opportunity - instead of creating a business plan – to organize a real humanitarian event. Student Avin Čikeš started this initiative in 2010, organizing with her colleagues a humanitarian event for Lastavice association. Since then, 9 generations and over a hundred students gained practical experience in organizing events, collected and donated more than HRK 250,000 for people in need. For the last 6 years, the action has been operating under recognizable name "Children for Children". This year, all campaign’s proceeds went to association "Naša dica", and a record 25 students and over 150 sponsors participated in it, donating 420 presents for the humanitarian lottery.

Prof. Pivčević emphasizes that best learning effects are achieved in working on concrete activities, so they are integrated as much as possible into teaching at Split’s Faculty of Economics. In this course, in addition to the practical work, each student also must critically present connecting practical knowledge with achievements in existing literature.

The course enabled me to apply knowledge and skills acquired in my studies, as well as adopt new ones in real life, but it also encouraged me to think about how can I help my community using what I have learnt. This is precisely this project’s special value because it really changes people for the better - said Gabrijela Matić , this year's team leader.

The Faculty of Economics has been developing socially useful learning for years, and was awarded for it by University of Split. In socially useful learning, students work on concrete projects for civil society associations, and this year the fifth generation of this elective course starts with twenty associations involved.

By: Mila Puljiz/Universitas

Photo: Faculty of Economics in Split