EU project conference "Raising awareness about gender-based cyber violence against girls and women and advocating for a safer online environment (bE-SAFE)"

Organized by Ombudsperson for Gender Equality, the EU project "Raising awareness of gender-based cyber violence against girls and women and creating a safer online environment (bE-SAFE)" kick-off conference was held on March 7, within the framework of the EU project of the same name, co-financed by the European Commission, under CERV (Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values) program.

Partners in the EU project are: Ombudsperson for gender equality, Republic of Croatia, project holder; Institute for Social Research in Zagreb, CESI - Center for Education, Consulting and Research, Domine – the organization promoting women's rights, CIG - Commission for Citizenship and Gender Equality from Portugal, PpDM - Portuguese Platform for Women's Rights and LEM Espana - organization protecting women's rights in Spain.

Government bodies that support the project are Ministry of the Interior and Ministry of Science and Education.

Photo: Unsplash