Selected best works in the art competition as part of the project Windows into the world of art 2023.

The commission for selecting works in the art competition that was part of the project Windows into the world of art 2023 (Historical and cultural heritage of the Split-Dalmatia County) composed of: Kažimir Hraste, academic sculptor; prof. emeritus, Petar Jakelić Ph.D., academic painter and graphic artist; assoc. art. Đani Martinić, academic sculptor; Mihaela Kovačić, professor of history and history of art (librarian consultant) and Meri Maretić Ph.D., Split-Dalmatia County adviser for culture, reviewed and selected best works according to categories, in the art competition as part of the Project announced by University of Split in cooperation with Split-Dalmatia County.

Best works:


1. Nikola Vučemil

2. Marina Jelaska

3. Nola Milaković


1. Talha Tatar

2. Roza Tabak

3. Lucija Tomašević


1. Petra Perković

2. Anamarija Kahrić

Prize-winning pupils, students and their mentors will receive University of Split’s Certificate of Appreciation, and first-placed pupils and students in each category will also receive cash prizes. Second and third place in each category will receive University of Split and Split-Dalmatia County’s Certificate of Appreciation and appropriate gift.

By the end of 2023, in the University Gallery will host an exhibition, along with an appropriate publication, while all works will also be exhibited in University Gallery's website.