Workshop "MONEY LAUNDERING - WHERE THEORY MEETS PRACTICE" organized by RACVIAC, University Department of Forensic Sciences and RAI

The workshop entitled "Money Laundering: Where Theory Meets Practice", organized by RACVIAC - Center for Security Cooperation in partnership with University of Split’s Department of Forensic Sciences and Regional Anti-Corruption Initiative (RAI) Sarajevo, was held October 17-19, 2023 at RACVIAC.

This workshop represents a continuation of the five-year project started between RACVIAC and University of Split’s Department of Forensic Sciences, entitled: "Improving security management through implementation of forensic sciences in state institutions and agencies". Memorandum of understanding was signed for the project in September 2022. Workshop "Money Laundering: Where Theory Meets Practice" is the second event organized so far as project result.

The workshop was organized as a three-day event with the purpose of presenting current situation and directions in preventing money laundering in surrounding countries and beyond. It consisted of four panels related to money laundering: "theoretical aspects and current challenges", " new challenges", "fight against organized crime" and " future directions".

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