Celebration of Catholic Faculty of Theology’s Day

Catholic Faculty of Theology (KBF) celebrated its day on May 11, in the Archbishop Seminary’s great hall, and on that occasion prizes and awards, as well as diplomas, were presented to best students,.

Along with hosts, KBF’s Dean, assoc. prof. Šimun Bilokapić Ph.D., Vice dean for science, prof. Ivan Bodrožić Ph.D., and vice dean for teaching, assist. Anto Akrap Ph.D., the ceremony was also attended by KBF’s Great chancellor, Split-Makarska archdiocese’s apostolic administrator, Msgr. Želimir Puljić, KBF’s Vice-chancellor and Franciscan Province of Holy Redeemer’s Provincial, father Marko Mrše, University of Split’s Rector, prof. Dragan Ljutić Ph.D., Split-Dalmatia county’s Prefect, Blaženko Boban, Bishop of Šibenik, Mons. Tomislav Rogić, Split-Makarska Archdiocese’s Vicar General, Don Franjo-Frankopan Velić, numerous other distinguished guests, employees and students.

In his welcoming address, Msgr. Želimir Puljić said that he would speak about religion and theology’s role in the process of growth, given that we live in a time of science and technology’s constant progress, but still they are unable to provide answers to final questions of life.

- In this respect, the Church has an extra speed and does not withdraw from the world. It endlessly, publicly and openly presents Jesus’ teaching, which has not only religious, but also universal human value. This is how the Church shows that it always was and wants to remain keeper of mysteries that God revealed in Jesus Christ and entrusted to church - Msgr. Puljić asserted, pointing out that this is precisely the role study of theology.

35 students received diplomas and certificates that make them Bachelors and Masters of catechetic, and Masters of theology. Ante Čarić obtained the ecclesiastical academic degree of Licentiate, with the paper: "Theological analysis of the collection of Dalmatian klapa songs and singing from the perspective of the new evangelization".

The Split-Makarska Archdiocese’s religious teachers’ choir, „St. Anastasia“, directed by Marko Vrkić, magnified this academic event and Ana Maria Popović hosted the program.