Scientists from Split published in Nature's journal - Humanities and Social Sciences Communications

Paper entitled "ChatGPT-3.5 as writing assistance in students' essays" was published October 28, 2023 in the journal Humanities and Social Sciences Communications, which according to JCI (WOS) is first in the category of interdisciplinary social sciences (out of 265 journals ). The article is available at

Authors of this work are scientists from the University Department of Forensic Sciences: assoc. prof. Željana Bašić Ph.D., Ana Banovac, mag. forensics, assoc. prof. Ivana Kružić Ph.D. and assist. prof. Ivan Jerković Ph.D.. Aim of the paper was to examine the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in academic writing and improving students' writing skills. Second-year graduate students of Forensics participated in the research as respondents, divided into experimental group (which wrote using ChatGPT-3.5) and control group (writing in the classic way). Research results, although could not provide definitive answers, did provide an interesting insight into AI’s role in the academic community. Students in the experimental group failed to take advantage of AI-assisted writing, were not faster or got better grades than those in the control group.

This is a new area of ​​research on the possibilities of using artificial intelligence in academia and we are still waiting for answers to open questions in the area.