Online workshop: currently open calls for commercialization and collaborative research

In order to present currently open Calls for Project Proposals, University of Split’s Technology Transfer Office is organizing an online workshop scheduled for Friday, May 26, 2023 at 10 a.m.

The workshop is open to everyone who is interested, and this is the link to register.

We remind you that the Ministry of Science and Education recently published three Calls for submission of project proposals as part of National Recovery and Resilience Program 2021-2026:

Support to technology transfer offices for implementing activities for the purpose of business validation of developed solutions, before commercialization. Lowest amount for an individual project is EUR 10,000.00 and the highest EUR 26,500.00. More information available on the link.

Support for technology transfer for implementing research and development activities for the purpose of developing or further improving developed solutions and technical validation, before commercialization. Lowest amount for an individual project is EUR 65,000.00, and the highest EUR 200,000.00. More information available on this link.

Calls are open permanently, with deadline for submitting project proposals until December 31, 2023, or until available financial resources are used up.

Targeted scientific research supports collaborative industrial research projects, implemented in cooperation between companies and research organizations. Applicants implement the project in mandatory partnerships, made up of at least one company and one research organization. Lowest amount for an individual project is EUR 500,000.00, and highest is EUR 1,500,000.00.

Deadline for submitting project proposals is August 31, 2023, and more information is available on this link.

The online workshop will briefly present published calls, conditions of applying and acceptable costs, as well as answer all questions. For additional questions or help with project registration, you can contact the Technology Transfer Office at