Promotion of University Department of Health Studies’ graduates

University Department of Health Studies’ bachelors and masters were promoted on May 12, as the central event of celebrating Department's Day.

Vice-rector for legal affairs, prof. Bosiljka Britvić Vetma Ph.D., congratulated the graduates, on behalf of the University, its Rector, prof. Dragan Ljutić Ph.D., and herself, also praising the Department that, since its establishment, has contributed greatly to University’s growth and development.

- Today we mark International Day of Nursing, and that is why we chose this date for our Department's Day. It is the most suitable day to present diplomas - said Department head, prof. Stipan Janković Ph.D.

He asserted that precisely the staff trained at the Department make the base-foundation of healthcare, because they play a more important role than at first seems.

- Be modest and humble in your work, have empathy, do not allow yourself to be arrogant or too proud. Be available to patients. Continue to improve skills, knowledge and competences you have acquired in your education, continue to study and build on them - Head Janković told graduates, inviting them to continue their education, both at graduate and post-graduate levels, as he announced that postgraduate study would be launched next year.