Over a thousand participants in the student conference "Split the week"

Students of the Faculty of Economics in Split together with colleagues from the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality from Kotor, University of Montenegro, successfully held the online conference "Split the week" with famous motivational speakers, influencers and lecturers from the business world sharing with students innovative skills for one’s own progress in fields of tourism, marketing and hospitality.
"The cooperation between University of Split students and students of the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality in Kotor had a common goal - to unite students of tourism and hospitality in one place. The emphasis was on their professional and personal development as well as creating better common future for young people in the region. Considering student reactions and the number of followers, over 1000, I think we succeeded in our plan and started a new common story," said Tomislav Milosevic, a student at the Faculty of Economics in Split and one of the organizers of the conference "Split the week".
The lecturers were: Hana Hadžiavdagić Tabaković, influencer and owner of the marketing company "Opet najljepša", Irina Tomić, marketing and sales director at "Blue Bay Kotor", one of the most influential people in hotel management, marketing and sales, Katarina Dropulić, owner of Progress Media, agency for PR, branding and business consulting, one of the most famous motivational speakers in the Balkans Smiljan Mori, founder and CEO of BIG U Academy, Rob Davidson CEO of “MICE Knowledge” and Ozren Kovačević, one of the leading people at Le Meridian Lav.
The conference consisted of three sessions, covering topics such as "Influencers’ impact on developing a tourist destination", "Motivation as the key to success" and “Future of business events".
Students of the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management and the University of Split successfully entered the conference world. Although beginners, we have shown that it is possible to realize your ideas if hard work and sacrifice come with them. The concept of the conference is as we imagined it at the beginning, from successfully branding an event, through content, all the way to reactions from those who followed - said Amar Rastoder, one of the organizers and student at the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality, pointing out how the cooperation with colleagues from Split on this event resulted from many years of successfully working together on many student events in both faculties.
University of Split Rector, Prof. Dragan Ljutić Ph.D. and the head of his office Ivana Pletković received and congratulated the organizers of the conference, Tomislav Milošević and Amal Rastoder, on their success.