"Internationalisation of Higher Education in Croatia, Internationalisation of Study Programmes of Marine Fisheries and Military Nautical Studies at the University of Split"

Applicant/Project user: University of Split

Partners: Faculty of Maritime Studies Split, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Split, University of Split Library and University Department of Marine Studies

Project description: The project plans to develop and implement integrated undergraduate and graduate study programme Naval Studies and graduate study programme Marine fishery in English. The project will enable staff to develop their didactic and pedagogical skills, ICT and language skills, together with providing them with teaching materials and technical equipment. Through planned study visits to renowned European higher education institutions, teaching staff will familiarize themselves with the practice and resources of successful institutions in the field. In part of developing and implementing study programmes that require specialist knowledge, engagement of external experts will be provided for.

Objectives and expected results: Improvement of quality and relevance in higher education through internationalization by increasing the number of study programmes in foreign languages and strengthening the competencies of students and staff of higher education institutions. The project will develop, establish and start implementing the integrated undergraduate and graduate Naval Studies study programme and graduate study programme Marine Fishery in English, which will contribute to the internationalization of higher education and better integration of the Republic of Croatia into the European Union.

Total project value: 1,750,274.03 HRK

Total EU Grants: 1,750,274.03 HRK

Implementation Period: October 12, 2018 - October 11, 2021

Contact for more information:

Office for Projects and Technology Transfer, University of Split, 021-566-331

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