Technology Transfer Office

Technology transfer is the process by which an invention or intellectual property, derived from scientific research, is protected, its commercial value is assessed and it is licensed in the economy that places it on the market. Technology transfer is understood to be the commercialization of inventions that emerged as results of research work.
Technology Transfer Office is a meeting point of science and economy, as well as the best starting point for finding partners in economy who strive to knowledge and need the University’s research-analytical infrastructure. The activities of the Office particularly aim at encouraging innovative culture and know-how entrepreneurship as well as the capitalizing on knowledge and results obtained in scientific research:

• Consulting on intellectual property issues

• Expert assessment of the technical and commercial potential of research results

• Establishing and improving cooperation between scientific and business communities

• Strategies of intellectual property protection

• Finding strategic partners for cooperation with the University and commercialization of research results

• creating opportunities for internationalization of business and entering new markets

• Education on current and applicable entrepreneurial knowledge

• Other issues related to the start and successful course of entrepreneurial activity

Ivana Vuka mag. biol. et oecol. mar. Head of Technology Transfer Office