University services

Psychological counselling

Our goal is to provide students with counseling and educational activities in order to help them resolve personal difficulties, improve studying efficiency, and to improve the general quality of life. The majority of our activities are being, but not limited to, student counseling regarding the academic improvement and adjustment, interpersonal grievances , and emotional distress.


+385 21 541 951


Sport Couselling

+385 98 989 7780


Legal Couselling

+385 21 393 591


Counselling for interreligious dialogue and student pastoral care

+385 91 330 8348


Counselling for students with disabilities

+385 91 928 3752


Career Management Counselling



Student restaurants

Student meals take place in 6 restaurants of the Student Center: restaurants of the Faculty of Economics, FESB, FGAG, restaurant of the hostel Spinut, in the restaurant Indeks located in the city center and in the restaurant Kantun C which is part of the Faculty of Medicine.

The restaurants offer dishes of your choice, but there is also a daily offer that is slightly cheaper, and will satisfy even the most demanding users. The daily menu includes main dishes that include both of meat and fish variety with various side dishes and seasonal fresh salads.

We also offer meals in canteens, such as the one in the dorm of Bruno Bušić, at the Faculty of Law, Faculty of Humanities and Social sciences, the School of Medicine and the Faculty of Science. The distribution of food is done over the counter, and we offer simple meals and various food products such as pastries, sandwiches, bureks, cakes, yogurts, juices, etc.…

On the ground floor of the FESB there is "Stop", which offers pizzas in the afternoon, and there is a snack bar within the University Library.


Food is distributed over the counter, and offers simple dishes such as pastries, sandwiches, bureks, cakes, yogurts, juices, etc.… Each facility has a cafe that offers coffee, tea, juices and other refreshing drinks.

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