Reconstruction of Student Dormitory “Bruno Bušić”

Reconstruction of Student Dormitory “Bruno Bušić”

Applicant/Project user: University of Split

Project partner: Student Centre Split

Short description of the project: The Bruno Bušić Student Residence was built in 1978 for the needs of Mediterranean Games in Split and has been in constant use ever since. The building has five floors and a gross floor area of ​​5580.98 m² with 139 rooms, 131 triple and 8 double rooms, totalling 409 beds. Since the beginning of use, up until now, no major work on the building has been done. Today’s condition of the facility does not meet the requirements prescribed by the Construction Act and special regulations affecting the fulfilment of basic building requirements. Therefore, a project for complete reconstruction of the student residence was created with the aim of changing all the functional parts of the building. The planned reconstruction includes adding one floor, open evacuation double stairs on the building’s east and west side, balconies on the first and second floor on the south side, one module on the third floor’s west side and the fulfilment of all basic requirements essential for the building.
For the purpose of more rational energy use, thermal insulation will be done on all walls, and for noise protection, appropriate sound insulation of the accommodation units will be performed. The entire reconstruction would take place in parallel with the building project in order to minimize the time when the students will not be able to use this dormitory. The University of Split has decided to co-finance private accommodation to students during the reconstruction.

Objectives and expected results: To contribute to reducing study costs and increasing access to higher education for regular students, focusing on disadvantaged students and increase the capacity of student residence through reconstruction and modernization of existing ones as well as building new ones.

Following the reconstruction, the residence will have 174 rooms, 121 of which are triple rooms, 49 doubles and 4 singles adapted for disabled persons and those with reduced mobility. Total capacity is 465 students. The gross area of ​​reconstructed buildings will be 7037 m2 with all the accompanying contents of modern student accommodation.


Total project value:  61.643,911.00 HRK

Total EU Grants: 32.550,000.00 HRK

Project Implementation: August 2016 - February 2020

Contact person for more information: Office for Projects and Technology Transfer, University of Split, +385 21 566 331

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