Science Office

The main task of the science is to empower society and improve the quality of life in the community through economic, social and cultural growth. The University encourages active cooperation between its constitutents and business sector while, at the same time, it develops science-backed technology solutions which work towards sustainable development. Science Office, through its activities, supports scientific innovation, exchange of good practices, and development of scientific careers outside of researchers' home countries, be it incoming or outgoing scientists.

Currently, there are 20 PhD programms taught at the University of Split, across its 11 faculties, 4 departments and 1 academy, tackling physical, medical, social and life science, and technology. Out of 20 000 enrolled students, more than 600 candidates are studying towards doctoral degree. It is worth mentioning that 3 PhD programs, Electrical Engineering Systems and Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering, are acredited with Quality Assurance certification approved by National Agency for Science and Higher Education.


Ana Grgić mag.pol. Expert associate for Science