Teaching mobility Erasmus+

Teaching mobility Erasmus+

Teaching staff of the University of Split can benefit from the teaching experience at the partner institution from abroad and receive Erasmus+ grant. The mobility must take place at the higher education institution with which the University of Split has signed Erasmus+ inter-institutuonal agreement. 

For valid Erasmus+ inter-institutuonal agreements please check here 

A teaching period between two Programme countries must last a minimum of 2 days and a maximum of 2 months. This excludes travelling time.

A teaching period between a Programme country and a Partner country must last a minimum of 5 days and maximum of 2 months. This excludes travelling time.

During your stay abroad, the teaching activity must comprise a minimum of 8 hours per week (or any shorter period of stay) of actual teaching time.

Before the beginning the teaching period, beneficiary, sending institution and the receiving institution sign a Mobility Agreement for Teaching. This document sets out learning goals, rights and responsibilities and also how the teaching period will be recognised.


Teaching opportunites are also available to staff working in Programme country organisations.

Examples of such organisations include businesses, public bodies, social partners, research institutes and non-governmental organisations.

Programme country HEIs have the opportunity to invite staff from businesses or other organisations located in Programme countries to teach at their institution.

If you are an employee of an organisation as described above and wish to teach at the University of Split, you need to:

1. Find a contact person at one of the faculties/academy of the University of Split and agree on the teaching period details (content of teaching, period and other details as indicated in the Mobility agreement for Teaching), 

List of Erasmus coordinators at the faculties 

2. Fill out Mobility agreement for Teaching and have it signed by yourself, responsible persons at the host and home institution

3. Faculty of your choice at the University shall apply for Erasmus+ grant on your behalf through Call for applications announced by the International Relations Office

 You are entitled to receive Erasmus+ funding for:

  • travel, in accordance with the Erasmus+ Distance Calculator
  • subsistance costs for the duration of your mobility (for Croatia the daily amount is 112 EUR till the 14th day of mobility, and 78,40 eur after 15th day)