Fisheries in the Adriatic region a shared ecosystem approach –FAIRSEA

Applicant/Project user: University of Split

Short description of the project: The central focus of the FAIRSEA project is the fisheries sector, an important economic activity in the Adriatic Sea, especially for its strong cultural, social and economic role in regional coastal communities.

Objectives and expected results: The Project’s general objective is to improve conditions for implementing innovative approaches for sustainable management of the Adriatic Sea fisheries, based on the exchange of knowledge and sharing good practices among partners.

The Project’s main result will be the development of an integrated platform for a quantitative ecosystem approach to fisheries, crossing borders and disciplines.

The platform will integrate bio-ecological processes, physical-chemical processes, as well as primary production, dynamics of resources, including their interactions and bio-economic aspect of fisheries.

This high-tech and innovative platform will be used as a planning tool that will enable testing of different fisheries policies both at local area and that of whole Adriatic sea. It is designed to provide a scientific basis for proposing and evaluating shared management decisions on the local and international levels, including legislative authorities, experts and other participants. The Project will provide answers to relevant questions, concerning reference points, best practices and guidelines for optimising between ecological and socio-economical sustainability of fisheries in the Adriatic Sea.

Total project value: € 2.060.000 (ERDF + national co-financing)

Total EU Grants: € 1.751.000 (ERDF)

Implementation Period: January 1, 2019 - February 28, 2021

Contact for more information:

Project Office and Technology Transfer University of Split, 021-566-331