This study is based on research, not on teaching, which is the main advantage. This difference enables PhD candidates to use all their time for research. The study is based on research plan, which is evaluated as the main condition for the admission. Tuition consists of two core and three elective courses. Tuition fee will be used for the candidates' research work and for coverage of study expenses. The total of tuition fees and the total of funds for projects on which the candidates would be engaged, should be sufficient for
scientific-research work to the point of doctoral thesis creation. Doctoral candidates enrolling based on the call for admission have to select the supervisor and the area in which they wish to do their research before the enrolment. Supervisor has to be competent and evaluate the candidate's potential. The supervisor develops the doctoral candidate's research plan together with the candidate. Means for the research come from tuition fees and funds. The study is based on scientific-research work. Tuition is organized so that through scientific-research work ECTS credits are earned. Therefore, as a difference from the other studies whose Heads are responsible to the Vice-Dean for Teaching and Academic Affairs, this Study is subject to the Vice-Dean for Science and Research. 

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