Promotion of Faculty of Maritime Studies’ 215 university Bachelor and Master Engineers

Graduation ceremony of a total of 215 Faculty of Maritime Studies in Split’s masters and bachelors in engineering took place on May 18 in the Three Faculties Building’s large amphitheatre. At the ceremony, students were promoted by the Dean, prof. Pero Vidan Ph.D., Vice-deans: assoc. prof. Zaloa Sanchez Varela Ph.D., prof. Merica Slišković Ph.D., assist. prof. Marko Katalinić Ph.D. and assoc. prof. Nikola Mandić Ph.D..

Vice-rector for students, teaching and business, prof. Nikola Koceić-Bilan Ph.D., congratulated promoted students on behalf of University, pointing out that with this formal act of awarding diplomas, they officially become members of the world academic community.

Awards for best students were also presented at the ceremony:

- in graduate studies: Nautical studies - Vice Milin, Marine Engineering - Ante Čobanov, Marine Electrical engineering and Information Technologies - Ivan Domjanović, Maritime Management - Iva Borković,

- in undergraduate studies: Marine engineering - Milan Jelinčić, Maritime yacht and marina technologies - Tea Bobanac, Maritime management - Mirta Čović.