Panel discussion "Professional skills" at University Gallery

On May 17, 2023, a panel discussion on "Vocational skills, discussion on the future of profession, history of education in industry and design, as well as changes in the schools that educate them" took place.

Participants in the panel were Tomislav Đonlić, head of County’s Administration for Culture and Education, Ana Šverko Ph.D., from Cvito Fisković Institute of Art History in Split, Renato Jerončić, analyst at Employment Service, Ivan Kovačević, School’s former director, prof. art. Edvin Dragičević, Art Academy in Split’s dean, Sela Tecilazić, School’s director, and Toni Trivković, former student, company AGILO and Split Tech City Association.

Helena Trze Jakelić, head of University Gallery, introduced distinguished guests, and School’s director, Sela Tecilazić, said that this was the first time School presented itself with such a representative exhibition. As an introduction to the panel, a documentary about the School, realized as a series of conversations with relevant speakers by this School‘s graduates, was played.