Interreg program and opportunities it provides students presented at Faculty of Maritime Studies

As part of the European Year of Skills, Interreg IPA Cross-Border Cooperation (CBC) Program Croatia - Bosnia and Herzegovina - Montenegro (HR-BA-ME), on September 26, Interreg Cooperation Day  was celebrated at Split Faculty of Maritime Studies.

Goal of this event is to provide students with valuable insight into Interreg and its many advantages; it is possible to choose one European country, Interreg program or project, apply, pack your bags and prepare for a new life experience.

Interreg Volonteer Youth (IVY) program is aimed at young people under 31, aims to promote Interreg cooperation and offers a unique platform for personal and professional development, enabling a positive impact on society while earning something.

As these programs and projects last throughout the year, it is up to students to decide when they want to come and how long they want to stay. IVY program lasts for 2 to 6 months. It is possible to work in private as well as in public institutions, which provides an excellent opportunity of gaining insight into potential future occupations.