Exhibition "Up and Down" by Ivan Midžić and Hana Lukas Midžić at University Gallery

On November 10, two exhibitions were opened at the University Gallery, by academic sculptor Hana Lukas Midžić whose works are exhibited on the first floor, while academic sculptor Ivan Midžić exhibited his works on the ground floor. In terms of artistic expression, the two exhibitions are not connected, except for the fact that they are both excellent sculptors and married.

Anita Kojundžić Smolčić curated the exhibition and wrote in its foreword:

In the Gallery’s ground floor, Ivan Midžić presents himself with a series of works collectively titled "Metal-Musical Sketches", ranging from jewelry, drawings, sculptures, videos and music related to drawings, all the way to photographs, and it is sort of overview of the way his creation of jewelry transformed from applied art to different media and ideas of pure art. In doing so, he collaborated with other artists whose works are also exhibited: Vanja Šolin and Jakša Matošić presented with two photographs, while musical sketches were created in collaboration with Vasko Lukas.

Upstairs, on Gallery’s first floor, Hana presents herself with the concept "Woman, cave, armchair", her bittersweet answer to the popular phrase "woman, mother, queen", whereby she, from profoundly intimate experiences, creates an unusual sculptural triptych that speaks the universal language of humor, pleasure, pain and frustration. As Hana says, it is "a selection of works created over a long period of time, which combine household, sculpture and wildlife, testify to eternal balancing between roles and searching refuge from different frustrations."