Exhibition "Thinking about Blue" by Maja Jelušić opened at the University Gallery

Another beautiful show, or entire art studio, was hosted by the University Gallery. It is the artistic concept of Maja Jelušić, who presented 20 years of creativity in front of a large audience on November 22.

At the opening, head of University Gallery, Helena Trze Jakelić, spoke about Jelušić’ artistic work, stating that the rich art display includes paintings on canvas, textile installations, small sculptures and books. They are all permeated with a motif of the cathedral in Hvar and colour blue, which became necessary components of Maja's artistic expression.

The artist herself stated that she has been working in her space on the island since 2000, so looking at her works in Gallery’s monumental space, she is honored and proud she was able to fill it and transfer her vision here. In this sense, University Gallery turned out to be a hit and the right choice for presenting my work, Jelušić pointed out.

Filip Bubalo, history professor and curator, author of this exhibition’s foreword, asserted that the Hvar Cathedral motif has been a constant in Maja's work for many years, as hers is a decades-long search to find its essence.

- The structure, composition, use of different techniques, which erase all traditional forms and methods, are subordinated to that one symbol that can be spiritual, architectural, and in some way can be interpreted as a meeting place that transcends all meanings - said Bubalo.