Exhibition Between Figuration and Abstraction opened at the University Gallery

Opening of the representative exhibition, set up at University Gallery as a crown of the three-day-long celebration of University of Split’s 49th anniversary, gathered numerous guests, artists, University’s employees and friends. The exhibition of contemporary Croatian painting and sculpture titled: "Between figuration and abstraction" was opened by Rector Dragan Ljutić, and presented by curator Branko Franceschi.

Curator of the exhibition, Branko Franceschki, began his speech, as befits, congratulating University of Split saying; I would like to thank University of Split for giving me the honor of congratulating its day with an exhibition of our fine artists, a birthday gift of sorts!

The goal of today's exhibition was to present to the audience the diversity and vitality of Croatian fine art, which was created and developed in dynamic decades. This time was marked by radical social changes caused by the war, and then by Croatia’s independence, when developing Croatian cultural identity was one of priorities, especially its visibility on the international cultural scene.

As always, Rector prof. Dragan Ljutić Ph.D. supported art and said, opening the exhibition; University Gallery adds a flare to everything that goes on at our University. Today's exhibition shows the strength of our University, our city, county and state, and with it we end the three-day celebration of University’s Day in the best way possible. It is the finishing touch.

One of the authors, Zoltan Novak, did not hide his satisfaction, saying: I am glad to be in Split today at this beautiful Gallery. I am surprised! This is my first time here, it's really great! This exhibition is precious because it is very rare to gather such a number of artists in one place. It is not easy, it happens every couple of years and I am honored to be a part of it.

Always welcome, academic Kažimir Hraste said: Branko Franceschi's selection is excellent, these formats at the Gallery are magnificent. I recommend everyone to see this exhibition.

The exhibition was prepared by Helena Trze Jakelić, head of University Gallery.