"Creative teacher - creative student" exhibition

Regular visitors to events at University Gallery could feel the festive atmosphere last night, at the celebration of 30 years of the Graphic School for Design, Graphics and Sustainable Construction - Split. The full Gallery enjoyed the works of the students, but also socializing.

Vice-rector for science and quality, prof. Igor Jerković Ph.D., on behalf of University of Split, and its Rector, prof. Dragan Ljutić Ph.D., addressed the guests, emphasizing sustainability, which is very important for the University because of world rankings.

School’s director, Sela Tecilazić, mentioned the school's success, but also certain problems the school is dealing with: “We witnessed the extinction of some skills, but fortunately also the development of new ones. We followed the revolution in graphics in the form of complete digital transformation. Development of Internet and media enables development of our completely new professions, which we are proud of, namely web designers, web programmers, and media technicians. As the only graphics school in Split-Dalmatia County, we come first in promoting digital and media culture in educating modern employees for the future that has already begun.”

Vocational schools are facing a great burden in every respect - continuing education along the academic vertical at the same time as raising quality of vocational programs, which compared to high schools exhausts our teachers, but also students who have to take double high school diplomas, vocational and state. Our desire is to enable all students who wish to work hard to be able to do so, which requires great effort both from students and teachers.

I pay special respect to the teachers of vocational subjects, without whom there would be no quality vocational education, which are hard to come by, because the job of a teacher, apart from knowledge and skills, requires special characteristics. One of such people has invested 30 years of his life to our school, with vision and will, Ivan Kovačević.

Author of the exhibition, Tanja Ukas, reminded everyone how important creativity and teacher openness are so that they could recognize and appreciate students' creativity, so that it does not become a burden. She thanked all teachers who, selflessly, made the School a creative and open place, and University Gallery, or the University of Split, for excellent cooperation.

Mayor of Split, prof. Ivica Puljak Ph.D. also attended the exhibition and addressed the students, as usual, with a lot of positive energy: "Today we live in best times ever, the world situation has never been this good, and what is most interesting, is that it will get even better." Good news for us is that we have raised you well, and good news for you is that you will create a better future for us all. Teachers’ greatest happiness is when their student surpasses them.

Split Deputy Prefect, Stipe Čogelja opened the exhibition, as he has been associated with the school since childhood: “In 2011, you named the school, School for Design, Graphics and Sustainable Construction. Nobody talked about sustainable construction back then, it is only being talked about today. That is why I want to congratulate all of you, especially students, for everything you have done for city of Split, the County and our country, because you are truly vanguard".

Head of University Gallery, Helena Trze Jakelić co-organized the exhibition and moderated the event.