Cooperation Agreement signed between University of Split, City of Trilj and CEKOM 3LJ

On September 27, 2023, University of Split Rector, prof. Dragan Ljutić Ph.D., signed a Cooperation Agreement with Mayor of Trilj, Ivan Bugarin, and Ivan Šušnjar, acting director of CEKOM 3LJ, in the premises of the CEKOM 3LJ.

The agreement between City of Trilj, CEKOM 3Lj and University of Split was signed with the aim of establishing scientific research cooperation in the framework of common interests, which includes connecting science and higher education with teaching and practical work.

Along with signing parties, this event was also attended by prof. Igor Jerković Ph.D., University’s vice-rector for science and quality, prof. Zoran Đogaš Ph.D., Vice-rector for international and cooperation with the local community, prof. Nikša Jajac Ph.D., Vice rector for Infrastructure, Danica Ramljak Ph.D., World Bank’s senior adviser for science and education, as well as Rector Ljutić’ adviser, and Mate Paštar from County’s development agency RERA, who coordinated EU’s project CEKOM 3LJ.

Cooperation between these three institutions is planned in the area of ​​performing part of teaching and traineeships by CEKOM 3LJ for acquiring concrete practical knowledge and skills of University’s students and employees, as well as organizing workshops, congresses and seminars on the Institution’s premises and joint participation in projects and research.

Photo: City of Trilj