Join discussion about the future of scientific managers’ profession

European Union is entering a golden age for scientific managers. Activity 17 ERA Policy Agenda and projects RM Roadmap and CARDEA were launched and they include entire European community of scientific managers.

RM Roadmap project is funded by the program Horizon Europe and aims to establish a pan-European network of scientific managers, by strengthening international cooperation between scientific managers working in scientific, industry and organizations that fund research at higher education institutions. The project aims to reach a consensus on the future of scientific management acting on the "bottom-up" principle and to inform scientific managers’ community about existing opportunities for training, networking, financing and mobility. The project appointed national ambassadors and their deputies who will be responsible for communication with national communities and preparation of documents based on their feedback. RM Roadmp ambassadors for Croatia are Ana Kljucarić, NCP for legal and financial issues at the Agency for Mobility and EU Programs and Ivana Vuka Ph.D., head of University of Split’s Office for Technology Transfer. Martina Kožul Kolarić from Agency for Mobility and EU Programs was appointed deputy.

The project will develop Knowledge and Community Platform, which will serve as principal tool for networking, creating new opportunities and building scientific managers’ network at the national level. This training is intended for scientific managers, it will take place online, and you can register via this link.

A total of five online consultations will take place on the platform until March 2025. First consultation on better understanding of the existing situation related to national network of scientific managers will be October 2 to 10, 2023.