Formal closing of Zdravko Milić’ solo exhibition, his most comprehensive exhibition in Split in the last 20 years

The closing ceremony of Zdravko Milić's solo exhibition took place on September 6, at University Gallery, and this was his most comprehensive exhibition set up in Split in the last 20 years!

- It shows what I do, investigative painting based on a "forbidden archaeology", which tells a slightly different history; the history of our origin linked to conspiracy theories that disappear once truth emerges. It all has to do with processes we observe but do not believe in until someone explains them - Zdravko Milić said.

Helena Trze Jakelić, head of University Gallery, introduced the artist with selected words, pointing out one curiosity. That is prof. emeritus Petar Jakelić, who also attended, was Zdravko Milić's professor! Even though most of his life is tied, with his creative and pedagogical work, to Istria’s Labin, Milić’ secondary school education places him in Split, since he graduated from the then School of Applied Arts, Department of Graphics, in the town under Marjan hill.

This Zdravko Milić’ retrospective exhibition became a part of University Gallery’s rich exhibition program, in cooperation with Split’s Brešan Gallery, and Igor Brešan, exhibition’s curator, speaking about Milić's work or the "Lunadrom" cycle, pointed out that - according to him - this was "transcendental realism" dealing with unknowns from space, the world and events that are not easy to interpret and give our worldly answers to.

Academic Kažimir Hraste formally closed this impressing exhibition, emphasizing artistic quality of Milić's work, because paintings do not tell a good-full story unless they are good. He praised University Gallery’s work, calling it a stage for real exhibitions and true authors.